Wick Bay Development

Wick Bay Development is our ultimate vision and goal and will create a port of national importance. This will entail the provision of two massive breakwaters stretching across the bay to provide sheltered significant deep water berthing for ships and rigs of all sizes.  The project will deliver water depths of up to 13m and will ensure a safe haven for vessels in all storm conditions.

From the North shore, the Dunbar Breakwater will be built to provide protection from wave action, and from the South shore, the Shaltigoe Quay will provide both storm protection and deep water, for offload and vessel operations.  Extensive land reclamation adjacent to the quay will create large areas for decommissioning work, and storage of construction materials for both Oil and Gas, and Offshore Renewable projects.

This development will enable Wick to handle imported goods travelling by ship to the UK using the North East Passage from China and the Far East.

A facility of this size and capability will create hundreds of jobs and will provide an opportunity for not only the Highlands but Scotland as a whole.