Port Timeline

WICK (“VIK” from the old Norse) lies in a strategic position on the northeast tip of mainland Scotland.

Thomas Telford, engineering genius, Thomas Stevenson, father of Robert Louis, who lived in Harbour Terrace, and local man James Bremner, whose distinctive “Round House” overlooks the Inner Basin, and whose memorial stands above the Old Lifeboat shed, were all eminent civil engineers who built the harbour, largely as you see it today.

  • Wick Harbour Authority Established


    Wick Harbour Authority was established as part of the Modernising of Trust Ports initiative.  The Wick Harbour Revision Order 2005 was introduced to improve the constitution to enable the port to operate in a more modern way.

  • Beatrice Offshore Windfarm lease


    The signing of a lease between Wick Harbour Authority and Beatrice Offshore Windfarm (BOWL) took place in October 2017. This was the culmination of over 2 years of heavy negotiation following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding where BOWL committed to using Wick Harbour as the long-term operational base for the Beatrice wind farm.

  • BOWL - Opening of Operations and Maintenance Base


    The Duke of Rothesay officially opened the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Base in July 2019.

  • Dredging


    Significant dredging works were undertaken during 2019 to deepen the navigational channel and harbour entrances. this work was undertaken by the Admiral Day dredging vessel.

  • New Port Closed Lights and New Port Lateral Mark


    Due to ongoing problems with the North Cardinal Mark which was fitted in the bay, it was decided to discontinue this mark and instead install a Port Lateral Mark in deeper water which should be more reliable. In addition, we have also installed new Port Closed lights which replace the now redundant visual signals located at the old Coastguard Station at the South . The new port closed lights consist of 3 vertical high intensity LED lights which are visible in both day and night.

  • Wick Marina Refurbishment


    Work commenced to refurbish the marina in 2019, however the refurbishment was not completed until 2020 due to restrictions during the Covid 19 pandemic.

    New non slip GRP decking replaced the original marina decking . Lighting was upgraded and wiring renewed.


  • Commercial Quay


    The entrance to Commercial Quay was re-concreted leading to a larger area of laydown and turning space.

  • Winners of Highlands & Islands Renewable energy Awards


    We were delighted to be awarded Best Offshore Renewable Energy Project 2021  The award was accepted on behalf of Wick Harbour Authority at the award ceremony by Malcolm Bremner Harbour Master .  Due to Covid 19 pandemic this years award ceremony was held virtually.

  • South Pier Lighthouse


    During Summer 2021 harbour staff stripped back and repainted the lighthouse on South Pier. The lighthouse first became operational in 1898.  Although no longer in use as a lighthouse it is a very familiar sight to seafarers approaching Wick Harbour.