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Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Update

A representative from Beatrice Offshore Windfarm reports that the renovation of the new Beatrice Operations & Maintenance Base is progressing well with most of the civil work expected to be completed within the next 3 months and with the buildings being scheduled to be complete early 2019. The three pontoons have been installed and will be ready to receive the first Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) around mid-August. The team has endeavoured to keep the building work disruption down to a minimum and have worked closely with the local community to keep them informed of up & coming activities and progress.

This past fortnight the harbour has seen increased CTV activity with a number of new vessels arriving in port to support the ongoing Beatrice works. The number of CTV`s has now increased to 10 – Seacat Intrepid, Dalby Aire, Dalby Ribble, Marineco Mariah, Rix Lion, Rix Cheetah, Rix Panther, Seacat Resolute , Fob Swath 3 and Offshore Waddenzee.

A significant milestone in the project is the completion this week of jacket installation works out at the site. Siemens Gamesea Renewable Energy (SGRE) have commenced (July 2018) installation and commissioning works for the 84 Wind Turbine Generators with finalization of the installation expected around Spring 2019. Switch on of the first turbine is expected July 2018 with other turbines following on as commissioning of each module is completed.

21 vessels are now working offshore at the BOWL area conducting various construction and installation tasks. Take a look at some images recently taken out at site.

Moray East Windfarm Development

Wick Harbour Authority has not been chosen as the O & M port for the Moray East Windfarm development.

Chairman Willie Watt said     ” It is disappointing for Wick and Caithness that it has gone to Fraserburgh , but we are still hoping to secure work from Moray East and support it in some way, although not to the extent we would have wanted .  A large service operations vessel (SOV) will be based at the Moray East site 24 hours a day.  This vessel will provide onboard workshops, spare parts, storage, crane and office facilities and will be supported with supplies delivered by other smaller vessels. This is a different strategy to that being adopted by BOWL who use smaller crew transfer vessels to support their windfarm operations. Wick Harbour at present cannot accommodate the size of SOV vessel being used by Moray East in the inner/outer harbour and with the River Harbour being subject to weather and draft restrictions we simply cannot accommodate such a large vessel on a 24/7 basis .”

“Wick Harbour Authority remains confident that we will play an important part in this, and other renewable projects in the Moray Firth.  Wick`s close proximity to the windfarm sites in the Moray Firth basin make it an attractive choice for operators – Wick is 33km from Moray East while Fraserburgh is 70kms away.”

Mr Watt  went on to say  “We wish Fraserburgh and Moray East well and we will continue to further develop Wick Harbour for the various opportunities within the renewables market and fishing and cargo sectors.”

” The future for Wick Harbour remains bright,  and we will be kept very busy supporting and improving the Harbour in relation to the varied businesses we have operating within the port. I would like to thank all our stakeholders, staff and Harbour users for their support and patience during the ongoing works which are  re-shaping the port towards delivering a sustainable income for years to come.

Willie Watt

Chairman – Wick Harbour Authority



Arrival of the Marineco Mariah

Wick Harbour Authority welcomes the arrival of the Marineco Mariah conducting activities associated with Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd.

Harbour Operations – Car Parking Notice 20 June 2018

Dear Harbour User,

Harbour Operations- Car Parking

Wick Harbour Authority extend their thanks to all Harbour Users for their continued patience during the ongoing habour re-development works. We are entering a very busy period for cargo operations over the next couple of months with deliveries of windfarm blades/turbines and pipes due July and August. This is in addition to our more frequent deliveries of other cargoes such as oil, gas, lime etc

As a consequence parking space on the Commercial River Pier Quay will be severely restricted to accommodate these forthcoming operations. We are grateful to those who have moved their vehicles when requested recently, however note that numerous vehicles are still parking outwith the designated Wick Harbour parking areas which are located near the Harbour Authority building. During these cargo movements the Harbour will request that all areas for cargo handling and storage will be clear of vehicles and excess equipment .

Over the next few months the construction for BOWL marine works may free up space on the Commercial Quay for equipment and/or containers.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation with this.

Malcolm Bremner


Wick RNLI Harbour Day Saturday 16 June 2018

A great day was had by all last Saturday in support of RNLI Wick Lifeboat. The Lifeboat crew, family and friends work hard all year round but particularly so in the run up to harbour day and we extend our thanks to them for all their effort throughout the year. Locals boats were be-decked with bunting and there was a fantastic atmosphere around the harbour with entertainment from Wick RBLS Pipe Band, Highland Dancers, Majorettes and North Coast Fiddlers. Adding to the atmosphere were 25 visiting yachts from Banff , France, Lossiemouth, Ireland, Whitehills, Portsoy & Buckie. Take a look at some images taken on the day.



Harbour News 14 June 2018

Dredging works at the harbour are progressing very well , showing extremely positive results.  A final survey of the dredged areas will be conducted prior to completion of the job. Looking back on our old records the dredger Shearwater removed sand from River Harbour Approach channel in 2008.  The Shearwater used a suction system to remove sand whereas the Admiral Day uses bucket and grab method.

5 CTVs are now operating from the port servicing the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm namely – Seacat Intrepid, Dalby Aire, Rix Panther, Rix Lion and Rix Cheetah. An additional vessel the Marineco Mariah is due to join this fleet shortly.

Preparations are well underway for RNLI Wick Lifeboat Harbour Day on Saturday 16 June 2018 @ 1.30pm – 5pm.  The bunting is up, the visiting yachts have started to arrive and there is a real buzz around the place.  Come along on Saturday to help support your local lifeboat – usual stalls, fresh fish, dancers, live music,  bbq, Isabella Fortuna….. A great afternoon for everyone….

An insight into how Dounreay is supporting job creation and the development of Caithness and North Sutherland for a future after the site is decommissioned.

Wick Harbour News week commencing 4 June 2018

The Harbour office is receiving many enquiries from yachts looking to berth over Harbour Day weekend 15/16/17 June 2018.  We hope the weather continues to be favourable and that Wick Lifeboat have a great day.

This week saw the arrival of another vessel  (Rix Cheetah) conducting activities associated with the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm.


Similar vessels will be arriving in port over the next few weeks – a busy spell, as construction enters an active period out at the windfarm site. During the month of May 253 vessel movements took place from Wick Harbour to the windfarm. This week the Pontoons  for use by the Crew Transfer Vessels servicing the windfarm were sited within the harbour pending further works.


Arrival of the Rix Cheetah

Wick Harbour Authority welcomes the arrival of the Rix Cheetah conducting activities associated with the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm.