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LAT                       58 ͦ 26 ‘ .50 N
LONG                   003 ͦ   05. ‘ .00 W

Approaches – Chart No 1462

IMRAY Chart C23

Wick Harbour Approaches

Wick Bay – newly established Port Lateral Mark. Red can lit ( fl (2) 6s ).

Outer Harbour

Transit Marks located on Commercial Quay adjacent to Fuel Tank Farm.

2 Orange Triangles apexes pointing together.

Sector light ( South Pier ) , fl White – Red – Green every 3 seconds.

Leading lights, Outer Harbour, not visible until entrance is open.

2 Fixed red lights ( F.R 5m F.R 8m ) near root end of South Pier , 20m apart.

054 ͦ T inbound    234 ͦ   outbound


River Harbour

Entrance between North and South River Piers marked by double Red and Green vertical fixed lights. ( 2 F.R Vert,  2 F.G Vert )

Harbour Bridge Sector Light (River ) flashing White – Red – Green every 4 seconds.

285 ͦ  T inbound  105 ͦ  T outbound.


Port Closed Signal

Re-sited to River Harbour, Commercial Quay. 3 vertical red lights occulting 6 sec. 5 sec on, 1 sec off when Port Closed.

Harbour Radio

Working channel Ch 14 (during office hours and as required.)

All vessels entering or departing Wick Harbour are requested to broadcast an “All Ships” message on  Channel 14 prior to entering or departing the harbour.

If no contact, telephone 01955 602030. (24 hours)

Port Data

The Harbour consists of three basins:-

 Inner Harbour

Is the main fishing and leisure berthing area and gives access to the 80 berth Marina.

The Lifeboat berth is adjacent to the RNLI Station.

Outer Harbour

Used for temporary berthing, fuelling,  and summer berthing.
Depth alongside -Inner/Outer = -2.3m. CD

River Harbour

Main commercial quay, in regular use, larger vessels wishing to use this area should consult the Harbourmaster about shipping movements.

Total quayage = 1366 metres.
River Basin = -4.30m. CD

Max. length of Vessels = up to 90m (contact harbourmaster if vessel over 85m)

Sandbar outside the River Basin is now – 4.00m CD (2019)

Check with Harbour Office for further information and advice.


Bulk water on most quays – River Basin, 50T/Hr.

Toilet and shower facilities are available for visitors at a nominal charge, situated on the Telford Jetty

Contact the Harbour Office to arrange access during your stay.