Appointment of Board Members

Appointment of Board Members 2018 Closing Date for applications – Friday 28th September 2018 at 4pm.

Due to completion of the term of two existing Board Members, Wick Harbour Authority is seeking applications from high quality individuals interested in being considered for Board membership. Each term of office will run from 1st November 2018 for three years.

The Board, as a whole, requires to have special knowledge, experience and ability in a broad and complementary range of matters as specified in the Wick Harbour 2005 Revision Orders which are relevant to the efficient and economic discharge of the Board of their functions.

The ability to work well within a committee, to grasp and deal with complex issues and to express your own views clearly will also be required. Residence within a reasonable distance (e.g. 50 miles) of the harbour and familiarity with local issues will also be desirable.

The appointments will be made on the basis of merit and aptitude in accordance with the Modern Trusts Ports for Scotland – Guidance for good governance. Board Members will be expected to attend meetings and otherwise devote one to two days per month to the work of the Board. Duties are similar to those of a company director and will include responsibility for the proper exercise of the statutory functions of the Board. No remuneration beyond necessary expenses will be provided.

Go to for an application pack.

Alternatively, application packs can be collected from Wick Harbour Authority at its office located at Harbour Office, Wick, KW1 5HA or email to request one.

Completed applications should be sent to :

Board Secretary, Wick Harbour Authority Board, Wick Harbour Authority, Harbour Office, WICK, KW1 5HA