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Welcome to Wick Marina

   Harbour Master :
   Malcolm Bremner

   Harbour Office
   KW1 5HA

   Tel :  01955 602030
   Fax : 01955 605936

   Office Hours
   Mon-Fri ~ 09:00-17:00


Port Statistics

Chart No. - 1462
Wick and Approaches
: 058° 26.5min N
Long : 003° 04min W

Total Quayage : 1366m
Max Vessel Length : 85m
(Consult Harbour Master)

Depth Alongside
Inner/Outer : - 1.71m CD
River Basin : - 4.20m CD
River Fairway : - 2.60m CD

VHF Radio
Ch16 or Working ch14
During Office Hours
and as required.

Wick Harbour

In this section you can view our new booklet on Marina Terms and Conditions of Use, including 2015 Leisure Charges and Berth Application Form.  No future applications will be required unless we require details of a change of vessel.

For new owners wishing a Quay Wall or Marina berth:

1.   The traditional Summer and Winter seasons for berthing dues no longer apply and you can launch anytime, for as many weeks or months as you choose.  Please complete the Application Form and return to Norma Simpson in the office prior to launching. You will then be allocated a berth and given a provisional quote for the fee, based on your stated overall length of the vessel. The length will be checked before we invoice you.

For existing owners wishing to renew a Quay Wall or Marina berth for the same vessel as previously:

1.    Consult Norma Simpson in the office prior to launching and you will be given a provisional quote for your fee.

Facilities on site:

Fob operated secure access gate.

Walkway lighting and emergency equipment bollards.

Toilets and showers adjacent.  Free keys available from office. (£5 charge for non-returns).  Showers operate with £1 coins.

Community CCTV coverage.

Water (free) and power (pay as used) on berth.

Wifi coverage.  Consult office for access and charges.

Diesel, oil, and craneage available from a quayside supplier.
Petrol from local filling stations.
Gas from local suppliers
Consult office for advice.

Future Facilities planned, but on hold meantime are:
On-site fuelling.
Waste pump out.
New showers, toilets, laundry, and lounge/kitchen.

WHA strongly recommend that all vessels carry at least Third Party Insurance cover to the value of £2,000,000. If not covered, the owner may be held personally liable in the event of a claim.

You may also have seen on our website that new Harbour Byelaws came into effect in January ‘08, the first update since 1928! Copies are available from the Harbour Office.

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Queries on any aspect of Marina use should be addressed to:
Malcolm Bremner (Harbourmaster) or
Norma Simpson (Treasurer)
Harbour Office, Wick, Caithness. KW1 5HA

Harbour Master : malcolm.bremner@wickharbour.co.uk
Treasurer : norma.simpson@wickharbour.co.uk  

Tel: +44 (0) 1955 602030
Fax: +44 (0) 1955 605936

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