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   Harbour Master :
   Malcolm Bremner

   Harbour Office
   KW1 5HA

   Tel :  01955 602030
   Fax : 01955 605936

   Office Hours
   Mon-Fri ~ 09:00-17:00


Port Statistics

Chart No. - 1462
Wick and Approaches
: 058° 26.5min N
Long : 003° 04min W

Total Quayage : 1366m
Max Vessel Length : 85m
(Consult Harbour Master)

Depth Alongside
Inner/Outer : - 1.71m CD
River Basin : - 4.20m CD
River Fairway : - 2.60m CD

VHF Radio
Ch16 or Working ch14
During Office Hours
and as required.

Wick Harbour

28th April 2007
"It's Good News All Round" in the latest Harbour Newsletter, Harbour News, Issue 2.

5th April 2007
Confirmation has been received from the Scottish Executive that grant aid has been approved for dredging the River Harbour approach channel which will enable continuous access for most larger fishing and commercial vessels. The North Cardinal Mark in Wick Bay , known locally as ‘the flaggie’ and which was lost in a recent storm will also be replaced in the near future. The latter is the subject of a current MCA Navigation Warning, broadcast daily.

3rd April 2007
We are finalising details of Phase 1 of our marina development which will consist of a 100 metre length of berthing pontoons fronting The Jetty in the Outer Harbour . These will be for summer berthing of leisure craft and will be accessed via a gangway adjacent to the existing showers and toilets. Installation is planned for May this year, in time to host the Moray Firth Flotilla event taking place from 22nd to the 24th of June, which looks like developing into a spectacular celebration of our sailing heritage.

Phase 1

Phase 2 of the marina development, offering 70 permanent berths, is planned for next year and is currently at the Business Plan and funding research stage. We are very optimistic that this can be delivered. The proposed layout is shown below.

Phase 2

13th April 2006
Wick Annual 2005 Report on Light Outages.

7th March 2006
We've produced a marketing brochure to encourage new visitors and businesses to the harbour and the surrounding area. Feel free to print a copy off - Harbour Brochure

4th March 2006
We've created a newsletter to keep interested parties informed of what we're doing around the harbour and to show everyone what we intend for the future.
You can pick up a free copy locally, or read it right here - Harbour News, Issue 1

1st July 2005
Under the Wick Harbour Revision (Constitution) Order 2005, which came into force on 1st July, the management of the Harbour is now under the auspices of Wick Harbour Authority. This process was promoted by the Government under its Trust Port Review initiative, to modernise and streamline the administration of ports operating under sometimes archaic legislation and unwieldy management structures.

Drawing up the Revision Order has been a lengthy and detailed task, but we now have a Constitution which allows us to operate as a modern business, with a seven man Board appointed through a selection process, after advertisement and interview. We also have the facility to form wholly owned subsidiaries or enter into partnerships, to further our aim of restoring financial viability to the port, which has experienced a serious decline in income with the demise of the east coast white fish industry.

The Board faces a long and hard struggle to achieve this, but all are committed to the task, and we shall endeavour to keep you updated via this site.

• The North and South River Piers have recently undergone major strengthening works to withstand winter storms and protect the lower reaches of the town. It is hoped that news of a final phase will be forthcoming.

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