Notice to Mariners – Shetland HVDC Link Noss Head


The work to install three Horizontal Directional Drilled (HDD) exit points by NKT, on behalf of Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Plc, at Noss Head, has been completed. The moorings and anchors used to assist with diving operations for the HDD installation activities have been fully recovered, therefore the HDD exit point area is no longer identified by marker buoys.

The attached Notice is issued to make mariners aware of the presence of three ducts protruding from the seabed. It is recommended that mariners remain vigilant and make note of the approximate HDD exit locations until June 2022, when further installation works are scheduled.

The attached NtM provides further information about the HDD exit points, including chart of the locations and the coordinates, details of the HDD exit points (including a diagram and photograph), navigational safety features and project contact details.

1AA0440897_Notice to Mariners _Shetland HVDC Link 017 (HDD Locations)