Notice to Mariners 19 May 2021 – Shetland HVDC Link Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission

1AA0440897_Notice to Mariners – Shetland HVDC Link 002

NKT, on behalf of Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Plc, will be undertaking a geophysical survey of the Shetland HDVC Link subsea cable route between Noss head North of Wick and a landfall in Weisdale Voe in Shetland.

Please find attached a Notice to Mariners with an updated programme of works, please note that the nearshore Shetland area of the survey is now due to start on the 27.05.2021. The notice also contains further information about the survey, including details of the planned activity, chart of activity area and coordinates, navigational safety features, vessel details, project contact details and legal notice.