Moray East Windfarm Development

Wick Harbour Authority has not been chosen as the O & M port for the Moray East Windfarm development.

Chairman Willie Watt said     ” It is disappointing for Wick and Caithness that it has gone to Fraserburgh , but we are still hoping to secure work from Moray East and support it in some way, although not to the extent we would have wanted .  A large service operations vessel (SOV) will be based at the Moray East site 24 hours a day.  This vessel will provide onboard workshops, spare parts, storage, crane and office facilities and will be supported with supplies delivered by other smaller vessels. This is a different strategy to that being adopted by BOWL who use smaller crew transfer vessels to support their windfarm operations. Wick Harbour at present cannot accommodate the size of SOV vessel being used by Moray East in the inner/outer harbour and with the River Harbour being subject to weather and draft restrictions we simply cannot accommodate such a large vessel on a 24/7 basis .”

“Wick Harbour Authority remains confident that we will play an important part in this, and other renewable projects in the Moray Firth.  Wick`s close proximity to the windfarm sites in the Moray Firth basin make it an attractive choice for operators – Wick is 33km from Moray East while Fraserburgh is 70kms away.”

Mr Watt  went on to say  “We wish Fraserburgh and Moray East well and we will continue to further develop Wick Harbour for the various opportunities within the renewables market and fishing and cargo sectors.”

” The future for Wick Harbour remains bright,  and we will be kept very busy supporting and improving the Harbour in relation to the varied businesses we have operating within the port. I would like to thank all our stakeholders, staff and Harbour users for their support and patience during the ongoing works which are  re-shaping the port towards delivering a sustainable income for years to come.

Willie Watt

Chairman – Wick Harbour Authority