Invitation to Tender – Wick Harbour Authority Business Plan

Since the inception of the new management Board of Wick Harbour Authority (WHA) in 2005 its purpose is to manage, maintain and develop the harbour in the best interests of the local community.  As custodians of the Harbour of Wick on behalf of the community its current vision is “to create a modern port business with a diverse portfolio of activities that is commercially sustainable in the long term and to create 500 plus quality jobs by 2030”.

In order to increase growth WHA recognised a High Water Protection Gate (HWPG) in the outer entrance would be the most cost-effective option to stop the surge in both the Inner and Outer Harbours and provide safe moorings for all users of the harbour. This project will require the development of a robust and detailed business plan that can be presented to both public and private funders to ensure that funding for the project can be secured.
WHA have produced a draft business plan and it now requires to be developed further, such that it will address the needs of both public and private funders to enable WHA to secure the necessary funding for the HWPG.

The ITT will be scored on the following: Project Execution Methodology (including examples of previously successful similar marine/harbour projects), Resource Capability for those who will undertake the scope of work, Programme and Price.

Interested parties may obtain a full ITT description from

Deadlines :

Response to Invitation to Tender  : 22 June 2020  4pm

Tender close date : 24 July 2020 4pm

Contract award date : 7 August 2020

Contract start date : 10 August 2020