Harbour News week commencing 21 May 2018

The dredging vessel Admiral Day has commenced dredging the River Harbour and Outer Harbour entrance.  This work is expected to take 6 weeks weather permitting. Please check latest Notice to Mariners for detailed information.  Check out these super photos  of the dredging vessel and one of our creel boats taken from the Dalby Aire workboat today en route to Beatrice Offshore Windfarm.  Many thanks to the skipper for these images.



The Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit are also using the port whilst they conduct their usual research and scientific investigations . We hope they will have a successful period of observation. check out their website for more information on their valuable work http://www.crru.org.uk/


The survey vessel Proteus is also presently in port on passage.  Our local shell fishermen are busy working away and we hope this will be a successful fishing season for them.