Harbour News 11 February 2019

Almost half way through February 2019 already. Weather to date this winter has been quite favourable with few harbour closed days.

Fishing – usual shell fish landings with some favourable weather over Christmas and New Year and good prices .  Crab and lobster prices remain steady.

Cargo – pipes delivered to port mid January . Another 2/3 shipments expected over the next few weeks . Deliveries of on-shore windfarm blades expected Spring 2019.

Harbour Improvements – Commercial Quay lighting is now 50 % complete , the remainder to be completed by end March 2019. We have replaced the lights on 5 columns with brighter LED lanterns.  We have also installed 3  additional LED floodlights . This improvement will greatly enhance this area.

Work will be commencing shortly to install new lighting in areas where we have little or no coverage around the harbour.   We have been awarded a grant to assist with this work from Highland Moray FLAG. We would like to thank our local fishermen who helped support our application and Sarah Lamb, Highland Moray Flag Development Co-ordinator for her guidance and assistance.

Metal kerbing has been renewed on the South Quay and South Pier  and  Outer Harbour. Work is ongoing installing kerbing on other harbour areas .  We have also decided to renew the decking on marina pontoons. This work should be completed by April/May . We are also installing additional lighting on the marina.  We are confident these improvements will enhance the various harbour area.

1 February saw two thirds of the turbines safely installed out at the SSE Bowl windfarm . Good progress can be seen at the old Stevens Building which will eventually house the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Operations and Maintenance premises with an anticipated May 2019 move in date. It is great to see Thomas Telfords original building being brought back into use.

Recent Soundings from the Outer Harbour entrance indicated a small area of silting out past the knuckle. Work to remove this is taking place.