COVID 19 – Update 27 May 2020

An announcement is expected Thursday 28 May 2020 from the Scottish Government regarding unrestricted outdoors exercise and non-contact outdoor activities in the local area .

Transport Scotland have provided the following update :
“The plan in Scotland is for marine leisure activities to resume in Phase 1, which is expected to start on Thursday 28 May 2020. The decision was taken by Ministers fairly late in the day to include water sports in Phase 1 of the Routemap.
Active Scotland will be producing updated outdoor exercise and recreation guidance detailing what activities are permissible. They will also be working, through Sport Scotland, with the governing bodies involved, to assess that their guidance for participants is adhering to all necessary government guidance. In terms of facilities, the focus is on OUTDOOR activity only, so no INDOOR facility access is anticipated.
Active Scotland envisage this covering, from a sporting perspective :

Rowing – single & pairs and Coastal
Open Water Swimming

The governing bodies of these sports have been working together, in discussion with HM Coastguard to develop guidance on the return to activity. No indoor access to facilities will be permitted.”

Provided the go ahead is given by the Scottish Government tomorrow Thursday 28 May 2020 Wick Harbour Authority is pleased to announce leisure vessel owners will be permitted to attend and launch their vessels should they so wish.
We must emphasise that STRICT SOCIAL DISTANCING rules are observed at all times and we rely on the goodwill and common sense of vessel owners/crew regarding this . In addition harbour staff will be monitoring this.
Further information on vessel launching will follow in due course once the situation becomes clearer.