Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Update

A representative from Beatrice Offshore Windfarm reports that the renovation of the new Beatrice Operations & Maintenance Base is progressing well with most of the civil work expected to be completed within the next 3 months and with the buildings being scheduled to be complete early 2019. The three pontoons have been installed and will be ready to receive the first Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) around mid-August. The team has endeavoured to keep the building work disruption down to a minimum and have worked closely with the local community to keep them informed of up & coming activities and progress.

This past fortnight the harbour has seen increased CTV activity with a number of new vessels arriving in port to support the ongoing Beatrice works. The number of CTV`s has now increased to 10 – Seacat Intrepid, Dalby Aire, Dalby Ribble, Marineco Mariah, Rix Lion, Rix Cheetah, Rix Panther, Seacat Resolute , Fob Swath 3 and Offshore Waddenzee.

A significant milestone in the project is the completion this week of jacket installation works out at the site. Siemens Gamesea Renewable Energy (SGRE) have commenced (July 2018) installation and commissioning works for the 84 Wind Turbine Generators with finalization of the installation expected around Spring 2019. Switch on of the first turbine is expected July 2018 with other turbines following on as commissioning of each module is completed.

21 vessels are now working offshore at the BOWL area conducting various construction and installation tasks. Take a look at some images recently taken out at site.