29 September 2020 – Dog Fouling

To All Stakeholders,


We are regularly receiving reports of persistent dog fouling around the harbour.

Most recently from various contractors working in and around the port.  Dog mess is prevalent on all quays , it has been found on pallets where equipment is stored upon, in about fishing gear and over at the office and on public walkways.  It has come to the stage where we must take action.  Not only is this anti-social behaviour unsightly, it is highly dangerous to health and is also against the law.

The local Highland Council dog warden will be regularly patrolling the area, 2 new bins will be provided – 1 on Commercial Quay and 1 on Mart Jetty. This is in addition to the 3 dog bins already located around the harbour. Harbour staff will be reviewing CCTV footage from around the port. Action will be taken against any dog owners not picking up their dog`s mess.

Please – everyone , be respectful, and do your bit to keep the harbour safe and clean for all users.